Noble Dog Etiquette

Below you will find a myriad of programs available to help create harmony between you and your dog. We use a variety of resources, tools, and techniques to create a balanced dog. Dogs thrive with structure, consistency, and clear boundaries. In other words, they need you to be their leader. Affection and rewards should be earned through good behavior. We will help you understand how to build an incredible, respectful bond with your dog. You will be the envy of all your friends with the best behaved dog! Complete this form and schedule a consult with one of our trainers today!

About our Trainer Kayla

Kayla’s basic philosophy is that every dog is unique and can have different learning styles. Keeping these differences in mind, Kayla works on basic understanding of vocabulary first. Once they have a grasp of the vocabulary she seeks to help the dog learn how to regulate their emotions and impulse control. Once progress is made in this area, then, and only then, can expectation of performance be placed on the dog. 

Every step is taken with the dog’s ability to understand and manage their emotions in mind. Asking or expecting a dog to do more than they are capable of giving at that time can lead to you ending up with a dog that dreads being given command or direction. It can also lead to a dog with unreliable follow through with commands in environments where the dog is distracted, excited, or afraid. 

Kayla’s goal is to have happy and responsive dogs that are comfortable in different environments and situations.  

While some dogs will need certain corrections to be used at times during their training, Kayla always ensures that corrections are fair and without any pain or intimidation.

Any questions you have about the training process or method will be happily and thoroughly answered by Kayla! 

Board and Train Programs


Our Basic Board and Train program is anything but basic! In this package your dog will begin learning strong associations with 10 basic cues. During their stay they will learn name response, sit, down, leave it, touch, watch me, stay, heel, place, and come. Understanding of commands is key to having real control later on! Because dogs can’t be expected to perform an cue they don’t fully understand, there will be emphasis on command understanding.


The goal of the Intermediate Board and Train program is to focus on performance of basic cues under mild distraction. Including things like maintaining heel through different environments, greeting people without jumping, ignoring dogs in proximity and more. 

Super Star

In this program 10 or more basic commands will be taught and practiced under mild distraction and move up to heavy distractions. This program will focus more on using cues to teach public access behavior such as walking through a store, performing stay in high traffic areas, applying ‘leave it’ situationally, and working on focus and attention! 


Behavioral problems? No problem! Behavioral board and trains are considered on a case by case basis. Fill out a form and our trainer will review your request and get in touch about the best way to work with your dog. 

Behavioral board and trains can vary slightly in duration and pricing depending on the severity of the issue. All options will be discussed with you prior to booking. 

Some issues we address include but are not limited to anxiety, reactivity, dog aggression, extreme excitability, and resource guarding. Reach out to see if this could be a good fit for your dog!

*Training prices listed do not include boarding or daycare cost